Dubbed Germany's first ICO, Wys provides a framework for blockchain-based mobile shopping. As of January 15th, 2018, the issuers collected more than 2'000 Ether in exchange for WYS Tokens. According to the founders, "the Wysker Platform was built to improve the current standards of digital commerce. Wysker was built on the belief that consumers should have the right to own, control, and profit from their data. Today, the Internet is far removed from these aspirations and users' data will become increasingly valuable. Wysker's mission is to change this imbalance and put consumers back in control. "230

"The wys Token is an integral part of the Wysker App. It incentivizes early- adopters, as well as rewards app usage and advertised product views. Earned tokens can be redeemed for discounts at retailers. This dynamic is fundamental to Wysker's goal of returning control to users. In exchange for their time and attention, consumers receive something with real value and utility, that can be traded freely and will rise in value. That's why 10% of the total Token supply is reserved to incentivize Wysker App usage."231