Blockchain Capital / BCAP

One of the most prominent examples of an ICO from Singapore, which was conducted in early 2017 was that of Blockchain Capital, a venture capital firm. Within just six hours on April 10th, 2017, the issuer raised USD 10 million in exchange for BCAP tokens.The BCAP Tokens are an Ethereum-based smart contract digital token representing an indirect fractional non-voting economic interest in Blockchain Capital III, Digital Liquid Venture Fund, LP.147

TenX / Pay

Another noteworthy example was the ICO of TenX which is building a blockchain-based payment platform for blockchain-based assets. TenX raised USD 80 million in exchange for PAY tokens. PAY tokens award the investor with the utility of using it as a means of exchange within the TenX platform as well as profit sharing right, receiving a share of the profit generated via incurred transactions fees within the TenX payment ecosystem.148