Iexec aims to become a decentralized computing platform. The project allows Decentralized Applications (DAPPS) and other users to require external computation while the protocole validate the results in a decentralized manner. Led by two former researchers in distributed computing, the firm collected 12 millions euros during their RLC token ICO in 6 hours in May 2017, making it the 5th largest ICO at the time.

The company now focuses on developing its platform while growing an ecosystem of startup that might use it at a later stage, with a strategy similar to Cloud providers.

Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void is an online game set up in space. First ICO in France in November 2016, the company sold 30 millions Nexiums for about $300,000 worth of Ether and BitCrystal. The company is now developing several games as well as educational material.